• Contract/Restitution: Plaintiff/employer fired defendant/former senior corporate executive for gross negligence, which allegedly resulted in company incurring eight figure loss. Plaintiff sought restitution including return of prior paid compensation bonus. Initial demand: mid-seven figures.

  • Disability Discrimination: Plaintiff/high school teacher with physical disfigurement and speech impediment sued defendant/public school district, alleging he was not hired for a permanent teaching position due to his disability, notwithstanding being employed at the time in the same position as a substitute teacher. Plaintiff alleged past and future economic damages and emotional distress. Initial demand: seven figures.

  • Slander/Wrongful Termination: Plaintiff/studio executive alleged he was publicly accused of illegal activity by a senior executive and fired. Initial demand: seven figures.

  • Wrongful Termination/Racial Discrimination (4 parties): Plaintiffs/former city administrators alleged that a newly elected mayor ordered city manager to fire plaintiffs because of their race. Initial demand: seven figures.

  • Wrongful Termination/Whistleblower/False Claims Act: Plaintiff/former scientist alleged that medical instrument manufacturer terminated him for reporting to supervisor that falsified testing results were used on FDA application. Initial demand mid-seven figures.

  • Wrongful Termination/Whistleblower: Plaintiff/former parts inspector alleged that defendant/aerospace manufacturer terminated him in retaliation for reporting safety violations to government authorities. Defendant claimed employee was terminated as part of ongoing layoff program. Initial demand: high six figures.

  • Wrongful Termination/Embezzlement: Plaintiff/former president alleged he was unjustly fired by CEO of defendant company. Defendant counterclaimed that plaintiff embezzled large sums of money. Initial demand from each party: high six figures.

  • Constructive Discharge/Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Plaintiff/former executive alleged he was denied promotion and forced to resign due to ongoing harassment because of his sexual orientation. Defendant/employer claimed plaintiff took medical leave of absence due to serious illness which pre-dated employment. Initial demand: high six figures.

  • Constructive Discharge/Sexual harassment: Plaintiff/former executive assistant alleged that president of defendant/company made unwanted physical sexual advances and frequent sexual comments. Initial demand: Mid-six figures.


Philip Meldman, Esq.