Philip Meldman, Esq.



  • Trademark/Copyright Infringement/insurance Coverage (8 parties): Plaintiffs/ motion picture studio and owner of underlying rights to literary character claimed a series of television ads for an unrelated product infringed its rights in a major motion picture based upon the character and the art work used in the attendant motion picture advertising campaign. Multiple insurance companies disputing coverage. Pending preliminary injunction hearing. Initial demand: high eight figures.

  • Copyright Infringement/Unfair Competition (14 parties): Plaintiffs/ multiple foreign motion picture producers claimed defendants/multiple television distributors and broadcasters licensed and exhibited without authorization plaintiffs’ motion pictures, which were protected by U.S. copyright restoration act. Initial demand: high seven figures.

  • Copyright Infringement: Plaintiff/author alleged that defendant/motion picture studio used plaintiff’s published novel as basis for high profile motion picture. Initial demand: mid seven figures.

  • Idea Submission: Plaintiff claimed story treatment, submitted to producer prior to producer setting up similar project at major studio, became basis of major event motion picture. Initial demand: seven figures.

  • Rights Agreement: Plaintiff/motion picture production company alleged multi-million dollar production halted by defendant/underlying rights owner claiming rights reverted upon failure to timely start “principal photography”. Pending injunctive and declaratory relief hearing. Initial demand eight figures.

  • Rights of Publicity: Plaintiff/heirs alleged distributor of classic motion picture entered into multiple licensing agreements to sell products bearing images from the film of the deceased star without authorization from heirs. Initial demand: high six figures.

  • Artist Agreement: Plaintiff/motion picture director claimed defendant/production company started “pre-production” on a subsequently abandoned motion picture, which triggered a “pay or play” commitment. Initial demand: seven figures.

  • Profit Participation: Plaintiff/producer of vintage TV series alleged original agreement with network covered exploitation of rights by means and devices not known at the time, such as video and cable. Initial demand: seven figures.

  • Agency Partnership Dissolution: Departing artist’s agent claimed past and future commissions from star clients of agency were owed. Initial demand: seven figures.

  • Rights of Privacy: Plaintiff alleged that “reality” TV program crew entered his apartment under false pretense and filmed his arrest. Initial demand: six figures.

  • Slander/Wrongful Termination: Plaintiff/studio executive alleged he was publicly accused of illegal activity by a senior executive and fired. Initial demand: seven figures.